20-07-12:   LEILANI RELEASES DEBUT ALBUM:  SOMETIMES Wow, this one has taken about 18 months to see the light of day, but it’s been worth it, Leilani’s debut album sounds and looks great!  Get your copy and feast your ears and eyes on it! Welcome to Fragile Colours Music Fragile Colours Music is an independent record label based in the sunny Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.  Our vision is to take music from The Bay of Plenty to the World.  The Artists on our roster are an eclectic mix, reflecting the interests and musical tastes of the labels managing director, Tim Julian. Since the inception of Fragile Colours Music, the number of Artists on the roster has grown, taking its members from the Bay area.  We are now proud to have Elizabeth Robinson, Marion Arts, Brilleaux, Nine Mile Stone, Leilani Taula and lounge duo Arabica under our wing.  In bringing together such a diverse group of musicians, one of the aims of the label is to be able to provide a united front to the world and also to have a supportive atmosphere for our artists. The label works hand in hand with Tauranga’s The Colour Field Recording Studio to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for our artists needs. Welcome Made with Xara
01-04-12:   BONJOUR SWING The latest act to sign to FCM, gypsy jazzer’s Bonjour Swing are about to release their debut album, The Flame.  This release has 16 stunning tracks written by Marion Arts and Robbie Laven, showcasing the Django Rheinhardt style of playing these guys are so good at!